About us

Founded on the cornerstones of quality and independence, Authenticard are dedicated to providing affordable security to all applications which demand secure identification.

By investing in industry-standard technology based on International standards, Authenticard offers freedom of choice and best advice on secure identification to all in the decision-making process:

Consultants and Specifiers – Authenticard’s expertise and market knowledge is used to provide best advice and assistance to consultants and specifiers to help them propose the most suitable solution for each application.

System Manufacturers – Authenticard offer system manufacturers a wider choice of reader, card and tag with many different technologies with their own custom card encoding formats and bespoke key management to protect their installed base. OEM reader designs and customized cards and tags allow system manufacturers to differentiate themselves from their competitors visually as well as technically.

System Integrators/Installers – Authenticard products are attractive and easy to specify with simple and descriptive product names instead of complicated part numbers. Readers are quick and simple to install. Simplified online card personalisation with no minimum order quantities, combined with speedy delivery for new projects and additions to existing installations makes the installers life easier.

End Users – The best product decisions stem from education throughout the product selection process. Authenticard are always pleased to listen to the end user requirement and advise impartially on the technical and commercial implications of each technology and suggest suitable form factors for readers, cards and tags.