Cards & Tags

ID technology is wide and varied around the World – but how do you know which one to choose?  Authenticard has chosen to adopt the most effective and trusted technologies for cards and readers so that users of Authenticard products can recognise instantly the benefits of choosing the Authenticard brand.  Proprietary technology can create inflexibility if changes need to be made during the life of the access control system – and this can be avoided by choosing technology embraced by the Authenticard ethos.  Security is often a consideration and Authenticard has carefully provisioned many choices from the standard security of proximity up to the high security of Authentifire – a security layer approach based on the internationally respected DESFire technology.

Freedom of choice!

Everyone has a different need and reason for secure identity to be proven – even on different occasions. Authenticard offers a choice of form factors to suit your application; cards, keyfobs, self-adhesive tags and wristbands that have the technology of your choice inside.

Click on each form factor below:



Card manufactured in the popular “Clamshell” construction – ideal for robust applications.



ISO thickness card with printable gloss-white surface with optional magstripe and contact chip.



Robust key fob tag for demanding physical applications and convenience.



Self-adhesive tag for adding a second ID technology or to add secure identity to another device.



Wear your tag rather than carry it.  Ideal for ID holders who need fast “hands free” access to their tag


Multi-Technology Cards and Tags

Many applications in one tag – ideal for where only one card is required or where migrating from one technology to another.